01. He lost a lot of money [gambling] at the horse races.
02. Jane's father was a [gambler] who blew all their money playing the slot machines in Vegas.
03. Calling an election right now is a big [gamble] for the government, with polls showing the Opposition party growing in popularity.
04. The doctor says that the surgery is a [gamble], but without it your grandfather will die.
05. Tristan [gambled] his entire paycheck at the casino, and lost it all.
06. [Gambling] has become a major source of revenue for governments all around the world.
07. Dave's parents go to Las Vegas every year to [gamble] in the casinos, and catch a few shows, and they usually win enough to pay for their holidays.
08. Gloria Steinhem once said that women's total instinct for [gambling] is satisfied by marriage.
09. For many people, [gambling] becomes an addiction which ruins their lives.
10. Do you think it is morally justifiable for a government to increase its revenues through state-supported [gambling]?
11. There is a Chinese proverb which observes that he who can persuade someone not to [gamble] has earned money for him.
12. There is a Yugoslavian proverb which states that nine [gamblers] could not feed a single rooster.
13. [Gamblers] in ancient Greece made dice from the bones of sheep.
14. A study of [gambling] found that an estimated $1 million is lost at race tracks each year by people who lose or carelessly throw away winning tickets.
15. 57 percent of Americans have bought a lottery ticket in the last 12 months, making lotteries by far the favorite choice of [gamblers].
16. Australia has more [gamblers] than any other country, and on average, Aussies bet more than $2,700 per year.
17. Research suggests that successful language learners are [gamblers] who are willing to take risks with the language.
18. In the Bahamas, residents of the island are prohibited from [gambling] in the island nation's casinos, which are strictly for foreigners.
19. Someone once joked that Las Vegas has all kinds of [gambling] devices, such as dice, roulette, slot machines, and wedding chapels.

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